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It's easy to apply! Just click on the links below to get started. First, click- on Information Needed to get a list of everything you will need when bringing- in your loan request. Then, click-on the Mortgage loan application, print-out the application and fill-in your information. Once you have completed these two steps, please contact us at 740.382.8231 to set-up an appointment with a loan officer. Any questions about the process, please contact us by email,, or call us at 740.382.8231.

Click here for a checklist plus a printable Mortgage Loan Application   
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Click here for a printable Auto Loan Credit Application
Click here for a printable Home Equity Line of Credit Application

ADJUSTABLE RATE MORTGAGES (A.R.M.) - an adjustable rate mortgage has a variable rate that adjusts periodically (either up or down) to current market conditions. Fahey Bank offers a variety of ARMs, with multiple terms available.

JUMBO LOANS - Fahey Bank offers jumbo loan programs for those individuals needing a larger mortgage amount. Loans for luxury homes are one of our specialties.

BALLOON MORTGAGES - A balloon mortgage is a short-term partially amortized loan up to 30 years. The loan matures in five years.

BRIDGE LOANS - A bridge loan allows you to use the equity in your present home to complete the purchase or construction of another home before your current home is sold. Contact one of our loan specialists for more details.

CONSTRUCTION LOANS - Construction loans are designed to supply cash, on a draw basis, during the construction phase of your new home. Our loan specialists will assist you every step of the way to obtain financing for the home of your dreams.

FIXED RATE MORTGAGES - The interest rate remains the same for the term of your mortgage, allowing for a consistent payment amount. This gives you the comfort of knowing that your payment will not change due to increasing market rates.

Consumer Loans

Fahey Bank Offers a Variety of Loan Options to Fit Your Financial Needs

A new car? A great new boat? That dream vacation? Whatever your reason, we're here to help you get what you want out of life. At Fahey Bank we offer a variety of loan options and we're certain one is right for you.

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